I am a Coach with a gift of developing other's ability to accomplish specific results.

Simply stated, that’s my job and my passion. As a results-focused professional coach, I partner with committed individuals who want to achieve greater success and fulfillment in the work place and personally. In particular, I’m passionate about helping people who want a conscious and balanced work and life style.

My clients include entrepreneurs, owners and executives of companies like Paul Mitchell Systems, American Express, Nordstrom, Island Honda, California Bank & Trust and Sony.

I encourage my clients to understand the hard truth that we must decide for ourselves to heed the voice, to unleash our inspiration to be successful. Deep within we all know we can succeed, but to develop that craving deep inside, sometimes requires help.

Coaching to me is like being an Olympic coach with each and every client. It’s my passion and opportunity to bring out the very best and unique results in each person.

A client asked me what My Story was and how I got where I am today.

I have always felt within me a persistent tug for fulfillment. It showed up always wanting some things different than the way they were. They weren’t wrong, they just didn’t give me the experience that felt like “That’s Perfect” or “I Won”.

It all started in the third grade when I wanted a particular toy car and my father said it cost too much money. I remember wanting it so badly I asked him, “How do I get money if not from you?” He said, “You earn it by doing something for other people that they will pay you money for”. He gave me three ideas and two weeks later I had my own business selling newspapers on a downtown corner every day. And a month later I got the toy car.

Success! Fulfillment! I Won The Game!

This happened over and over again my whole life. (1) Decide what I want (2) Make a plan (3) Follow the plan (make corrections when necessary) (4) Accomplish my goal.

Over time the goals got bigger, more expensive, some were objects, some careers, some meeting people and a lot unrealistic by most standards. But I always looked for the tug deep inside (not in my head), if I could feel it and it was real, I went for it.

I felt succeeding was normal and natural, but I didn’t realize that not everyone knew what I knew.

Then I realized I could help people know what I knew how to do passionately.

Their Success Became My Success, that’s how and why I became a Coach.